About Graduation Registration

Graduation Registration is an online graduation registration service operated by Framing Success Ltd (trading as Success Photography).

Success Photography operate this website as part of their comprehensive service to your institution or organisation. This service may include graduation photography, gowning and videography.

Your booking details are stored securely by Success Photography on behalf of your institution. Only authorized administrators at your institution can securely download booking information. Success Photography do not sell your details on to third parties and as such they stake no claim on the data they collect other than that they are storing and processing it on the institutions behalf.

Success Photography use SSL certification and encryption technology in all parts of the website where sensitive payment or login information is shown. They have been issued a digital certificate by Thawte - this allows you to be sure of the online identity and the physical location of their offices. All of the secure pages carry a Thawte site seal which you can click on to provide you with detailed security information.

Success Photography are not qualified or authorised to resolve issues you may encounter with your graduation, other than those which are directly related to the functioning of the website. Furthermore, as part of the general terms and conditions of Success Photography, they can accept no contingent liability for any failure of any type resulting from the failure of any product or service they supply.

We value your feedback.

If you would like to tell us how you think the website or the booking experience can be improved, then please do so.

Please email your comments to info@successphotography.com